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Coleman Propane Portable Gas Grill

Coleman Portable Propane Grill

Going away camping and need something powerful yet lightweight to cook up a storm on? I understand only too well that getting access to a grill that’s both easy to transport and dependable for all kinds of cooking needs isn’t always so simple. Thankfully, Coleman is always here to provide you with the versatility and ease of movement you demand.

More About The Coleman Propane Portable Gas Grill

The Coleman portable gas grill is a handy, easily transportable powered model, ideal for camping trips, days out when you wish to cook on location – or any al fresco dining experience when you are away from home and need a swift solution to power up and cater for a small group of people.

This Coleman portable grill is easy to assemble, pack, transport and use. It comes with a reasonable warranty and is already fully assembled when you unpack it! As it’s ready to go, you can order/receive it one day and swiftly kick into action the same day! It’s easy enough to adapt to larger groups, too, if you know how to cook on a tiered basis!

The adjustable burners are likely to be the biggest selling points here, but I’ll go a bit deeper into what you can expect shortly. Keep reading for the full lowdown!

Specifications and Essential Facts

  • Manufacturer: Coleman
  • Fuel: Propane Gas (cylinder sold separately)
  • Weight: 25.59lbs
  • Dimensions: 28.81 inches x 18.31 inches x 10.63 inches
  • Grill Area: 225 square inches
  • Added Features: Push button ignition, fully assembled, temperature control, 3 year limited warranty
  • Burners: 2
  • Power: Up to 11,000 BTU

What are the Best Features / Main Selling Points of the Coleman Propane Portable Gas Grill?

This is a compact ‘ready to go’ grill – meaning you can pretty much get cooking as soon as you open the box! The only additional component you will need to purchase is the propane gas cylinder. If you do not want the fuss of constructing a portable grill, this one is ideal, because as soon as you open the pack and remove the packaging and attach the fuel cylinder, it really is ready for ignition!

Keep in mind, however, that you will need to buy the propane cylinder separately – don’t get caught out!

Push button ignition on board this model means there is no need for a lighter or matches. All you need to cook your first meal on this cooker are the ingredients! Once lit, the temperature is evenly spread and easy to control, though of course care must be taken to allow the equipment to cool down before it is packed away, to be ready for its next use.

As you can imagine, it’s impressively lightweight. That means you should be able to slide it into the back of your vehicle and set off on a camping holiday without worrying about a hefty cooking unit really weighing you down. You’ll need that suspension!

You can swap the cook tops out as and when you need to, meaning you can cook a wide variety of different meats and veggies. What’s more, there are two different temperature zones.

It can more than adequately cater for families or groups of up to four people, though you can obviously ramp this up with tiered cooking if you need or want to.

What are the Benefits of Using the Coleman Propane Portable Gas Grill?

It’s refreshingly simple. You’re not always guaranteed to get simplicity and ease of use right out of the box, and this Coleman model will likely appeal to anyone who’s had trouble with more complex grilling modes elsewhere.

Another huge benefit to owning and running this grill lies in the fact that it’s remarkably easy to keep clean. It just needs a gentle wipe down after you’ve let things cool.

The dual temperature zone functionality lets you take greater control over your grilling. This means that you can grill more than just one or two of the same things at any one time. It may not be the biggest or the fanciest of grills on the market, but this is an impressive enough feature to make it worth your while.

Does the Coleman Propane Portable Gas Grill Have Any Drawbacks?

There’s not actually that much I can personally say against this grill. Of course, as a small, lightweight model, it’s unlikely to be the big and beefy grilling machine you’ll need for massive parties, but you’re likely going to be looking elsewhere for those models.

Very few buyers elsewhere have major issues with this grill, with the only real problem arising from its power. 11,000 BTU should be more than enough for the average user, though it might not warm up as quickly as you expect it to.

This grill does also arrive at a couple of hundred dollars, meaning it’s still a fairly large investment. I personally think you should look at the wider market before you put all your savings behind this grill, though it does at least do everything you expect it to (and a little more).

The only major sticking point for me is that you will have to pay out for the propane cylinder as an extra feature before you get started. That’s a little of an annoyance, but it won’t cost you that much to get started. The fact is, this is a grill built to give you a complete cooking experience right out of the box – and for the most part, it succeeds.

Conclusion – Should I Buy The Coleman Propane Portable Gas Grill?

This grill is a great pick if you are a bit of a novice at cooking outside, but even with that in mind, it still boasts pretty of convenience for seasoned chefs.

Unlike some of its competitors, it comes ready assembled – so there is no need to plan for extra time to build it before embarking on your journey, even if that is only onto your balcony or an adventure in your backyard!

There is no need to buy extra tools to set it up, either – so it’s easy to budget for. You will, however, need to buy that separate gas cylinder!

With a three-year warranty, you also can be reassured that if something goes wrong, you have help available – and the Coleman Customer Service team receive high praise. I’ve certainly had nothing but great experiences with them myself.

This grill is powerful enough for casual camping trips, picnics and more. If you’re hosting huge family BBQs and al fresco dinners, then you’ll likely need something a bit more intensive or specialized. However, for the money you pay, this propane wizard really does give you convenient cooking right out of the packet.

Think about what you need most in a grill – if it’s transportability and ease of use as opposed to size and power, this is going to be a very good choice.


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