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Drift Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Drift Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This wild-looking paddle board is a pretty new model on the market, having first emerged in July 201. Drift is already a brand that many people are aware of for great surf and paddle tech, and this latest inflatable stand up board promises to extend their great reputation even further.

Providing a complete kit for all you need on the water with military grade PVC in the build, the marketing for this board promises to be a one-stop-shop for your first adventures on the waves.

But, before we go too deep into the marketing side of things, let’s actually take a look at how this paddle board measures up.


  • Manufacturer: Drift
  • Construction: Military grade PVC / composite fiber
  • Weight: 19lbs
  • Supports: Up to 250lbs
  • Dimensions: 10 feet 8 inches x 33 inches x 6 inches
  • Other features: Rocker hull design, EVA foam straps (bungee), grab handles, coiled leash, backpack, one year warranty

About the Drift Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This Drift inflatable paddle board comes with everything you will need to begin paddle boarding. Alternatively if you are simply looking to update the kit you have, you should be pleased with this product. Learner or experienced, you’ll find everything you need in the box!

The design team for this model has also given careful consideration to what makes a paddle board special. Experienced boarders will recognise the shape of the board, with the upwards facing nose. Also the shape of the hull, known as ‘rocker style’ is especially beneficial for shedding excess water! This shape glides well on water. In choppy water conditions, the water is dispelled from the hull. Having a raised nose, the motion is also more likely to remain at a good angle rather than dip down to meet a wave.

What’s more, this board really does look the part. Combining retro with modern colors and touches, this is a striking piece of kit that should get you noticed for all the right reasons. It’s also reasonably light, though the build is impressively robust.

That’s our quick overview out of the way – let’s run through some of the best features.

What are the best features of this paddle board?

The most dramatic feature of this paddle board has to be its strength – and that’s largely thanks to the military grade PVC as well as the outer core. Drift talks at length about how this model is really built to endure, and I can’t say they are either incorrect or overstating. It really does work hard for you.

Inexperienced paddle boarders may read this and think that they won’t necessarily need such a robust high spec paddle board. After all, starting out, may mean you begin on calmer waters by soft sandy beaches or even on a slow flowing river. It really doesn’t matter, because this board can be used almost anywhere. It is likely that if you enjoy paddle boarding and it becomes a hobby, you will use the board regularly. If you choose to buy this one, it should satisfy your demands for a long time!

It is also a good board to buy and gain experience with. It can operate in a calm, steady manner, well suited to novices. It can also satisfy more demanding boarders! As self confidence and skills are gained, so is reliance on the board’s handling. This expands the options for paddle boarding in different water conditions. Some people are happy to go to the same place regularly, whilst others may seek new experiences. This is a reliable board and big enough to accommodate youngsters growing into adulthood without the need to change boards!

So, it is a good model for beginners – check. However, it is also robust enough for more adventurous paddle board enthusiasts! For transportation, a major benefit of this board is its size. It is a full size, impressively wide board when inflated, even though it might not look like it on the surface. It also packs away for transporting, into a much smaller, neat and manageable package! In its own carry bag, it will easily fit in most car boots. It weighs only 19lbs, so it is easy to lift.

Coming supplied with its own pump, you can quickly inflate (or deflate) this model – ready to get on the water, or fold up when you are ready to return home. The whole process is easily managed by someone alone. This model only takes a few minutes to fold once deflated. Should you need to clean it first, a quick hose down will usually suffice! Remember that the heavy duty PVC is impressively tough – it’ll resist all kinds of scuffs, so don’t worry about leaving marks.

I also liked the stability of this board – it offers a lot of balance even on choppy waters and waves, meaning you really are getting what you pay for.

Are there any drawbacks with this model?

Though described as good for all levels of paddle boarding expertise, some may feel it is a little too large for youngsters. It is described as suitable for all skill levels. That’s true to a degree. It is certainly robust and easy to maneuver and the build strength is indisputable, so even in testing situations, this board is smooth to move

In honesty, however, it may be a little lively for some children. Normally young children are supervised in water and of course, they may become acquainted with this leisure by sharing the board with you! Paddle boarding is a great solo pursuit, or one to enjoy with family or friends.

While definitely not a drawback, this paddle board is very lightweight. That helps accomplish swift maneuvers and is ideal when gauged properly. The manufacturer does state that it is easy to stand on this model. It does have a wide platform that aids stability and has a fast fin. Youngsters who have grown up participating in water sports, therefore, should adapt to this board with ease. Ditto, adults, if lacking experience, may find they easily gain confidence with the Drift.

Therefore, it’s worth taking your time with this board if you are teaching youngsters how to use it. I definitely wouldn’t say you should avoid it outright as a child board, however, it’s likely to need some supervision. All in all, I completely recommend it for adults – just take care if anyone younger is going to be giving it a try.

If you’re a paddle boarding novice, there are few other boards I would recommend for starting out with – and I greatly anticipate this is a model that’s going to endure years of your surfing adventures to come. You’ll never know until you try it, so if you have the money available, give it a try.

It’s not really fair play to speak so positively in a ‘negative thoughts’ section – but honestly, there’s really not much I can say against this board.

Should I buy this model?

Designed, tried and tested by a reputable manufacturer, this new paddle board already seems to be a hit with customers! That’s definitely a plus point from the off – and, as always, I really do recommend that you take a look at the verified buyer reviews that are listed online. They’ll help you firm up your decision.

The brand appeal, too, is a big win here. The Drift manufacturing company is based in Florida at Destin. They have most certainly tried and tested their products locally. Florida has great waterways, lakes, rivers and coastline. In other words, great testing areas for their products! It is fair to say, this craft has been thoroughly tested in all sorts of situations – from extremely active surf to much milder water conditions!

What’s really appealing about this board is the fact that it is flexible to suit a range of skill levels and a variety of water conditions! With a year’s warranty and responsive customer service department, the company has every scenario covered.

Again, there are a handful of concerns out there over whether or not this is the best pick for younger boarders, but as always, supervision is an absolute must. There are barely any complaints regarding the build and the overall performance, so there’s really nothing for you to worry about when you first head out on the water.

Short of time to travel and set up? This model can be packed in advance. Easy to transport, quick to inflate, and everything you need is in the box. If you are sharing a board, this one is robust and adaptable for all levels of expertise. Suitable for sea, lake or river use, you can experience different surfaces and currents. It’s an attractive looking board, too. It’s corny to say it, but the biggest issue is going to be getting off it – it really is a lot of fun in practice, and it’s more than a pretty face, trust me.


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