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Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS & Bluetooth Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS

If you are interested in smartwatches, you will undoubtedly have heard of the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

This GPS timepiece is currently a top competitor among some of the best-selling smartwatches out there, with many of the same benefits and some unique extras. 

This classic-style watch comes complete with heart rate, sleep, and blood oxygen monitoring. The long battery life means that you can wear it for days, monitoring your health both during the day and when you sleep.

You can also rely on your Samsung Galaxy Watch to call your emergency contacts for help in urgent matters. I thought I’d take a closer look at this GPS watch myself to see why it’s such a big seller.

More About The Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS & Bluetooth

Samsung Galaxy is, of course, the manufacturer’s main line for smart tech in the modern age. You might already have a tablet or phone that falls under the bracket. The watch that runs alongside is built to be a perfect companion – easy to connect, and crammed full of great little widgets.

It also happens to be one of the best fitness watches out there, being able to accompany you during all of your favorite sports activities and workouts.

The team at Samsung created this watch with style, convenience, and health in mind. So, how does it compare to the other GPS watches on the market?

Specifications and Essential Facts

  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Weight: 7oz
  • Dimensions: 6.22 inches x 5.16 inches x 2.95 inches
  • Added Features: Bluetooth, full GPS, water resistance, long battery life, touchscreen

What are the Best Features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the latest in Samsung’s smartwatch technology. It currently comes in two sizes and three colors. One of the main selling points of this watch is that it can mask itself as a standard watch while it is a digital smartwatch, unlike other smartwatches that tend to stand out. 

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch was made with your health in mind. Thanks to its modern technology, you can keep track of your workouts and monitor your heart rate. 

You can see your calendar on your watch, your step count, the weather, and of course, the time. The GPS, of course, is likely to be more appealing to you seeing as you’re already here – and I can safely say that it’s pretty accurate to a fault. It certainly beats plenty of the fitness watch competition that doesn’t really go beyond simple pace counting.

The big selling point of this watch is that it is compatible with iOS devices as well as Android devices. That’s impressive flexibility – and likely to put Apple’s nose out of joint a little.

However, if you are partial to Samsung Galaxy phones, you can benefit from the Wireless PowerShare, meaning that your watch can go for days without having its direct charge. This is perfect for those who want to monitor their workouts and activities throughout the day and monitor their sleep at night. 

What are the Benefits of Using the Samsung Galaxy GPS Watch?

There are plenty of reasons why Samsung’s Galaxy GPS holds its own in a market that;’s still growing and evolving.

For one thing, it’s got an amazingly simple design. Not everyone wants a modern-looking watch, but who doesn’t want the best new technology in health monitoring? This type of functionality is appearing more and more alongside GPS as standard, and Samsung does a great job of putting it all together.

Adding to the very attractive price is the fact that you do not need a Samsung Galaxy phone to enjoy the Samsung Galaxy Watch. This smartwatch is perfectly compatible with iOS and Android devices, as mentioned, which means you can be a technological heathen and blend your iPhone and Galaxy tech as you desire. In my opinion, it might be best to blend one set of tech overall – but it’s nice there’s the open compatibility.

One of the best workouts to track with this watch is swimming, so you will be happy to know that your Samsung Galaxy Watch is water-resistant. I probably wouldn’t take it diving anywhere, but for a few lengths here and there you’re likely to be absolutely fine.

This GPS watch will even detect if you have fallen and have remained immobile for a long time – and will automatically call your emergency contacts, as well as send your current coordinates. Few other GPS watches think that far ahead.

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Watch has been known to last for up to twice as long as an Apple Watch; however, that does usually only work with the PowerShare option from the Samsung Galaxy phone. So, take this with a pinch of salt.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Watch Have Any Drawbacks?

As well as many benefits, the Samsung Galaxy Watch does come with its drawbacks.

Although some people do enjoy and want the chunkier, military-style for their watch, not everyone does, and it does lack some discretion. Personally? I don’t find it that much of an issue – but different strokes for different folks.

The music storage is relatively small, especially compared to other smartwatches. The Samsung Galaxy Watch can only hold up to 8GB of music compared to the Apple Watch Series 6, which can hold up to 32GB of music.

This watch doesn’t compete all that well in terms of pricing – you’re likely to spend roughly the same amount on an Apple Watch. Therefore, you really will need to make a brave choice.

Finally – and again, this is slightly picky – the Samsung Galaxy Watch currently only comes in three colors, whereas the Apple Watch Series 6 has a large selection of wristbands from which to choose. If customization matters to you, it might be worth going with Apple.

Conclusion – Should I Buy The Samsung Galaxy Watch GPS & Bluetooth?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is an excellent tool for anyone interested in health and bettering themselves in ways that they can visibly notice on a daily basis. 

The health-related tools, including the heart-rate monitor, the blood oxygen monitor, as well as the step counter, and the dedicated exercise monitor, are incredibly useful, more so than you might imagine! As you can also imagine, the GPS working alongside allows you to easily track your journeys and record all kinds of useful data.

You can quickly adapt your watch’s functions to your specific physical activities of choice, including running, hiking, yoga, dance, and even swimming, thanks to its water resistance. It will help you no matter your level, be it beginner or professional. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is equally beneficial to those who do not regularly participate in the dedicated exercise but would still like to monitor their moderate movement and heart health. 

Moreover, this smartwatch will also enable you to receive and check any and all messages, phone calls, and reminders without having to retrieve your phone constantly! 

If you want a classic-looking watch with easy-to-use technology that will help you on a daily basis, then the Samsung Galaxy Watch should be at the top of your list of watches to try. 


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