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Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch With GPS

Garmin 010-02064-00 Instinct, Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS

When it comes to choosing the perfect GPS watch for almost any activity, you’re likely going to want to gravitate towards something that’s rugged, well-built, and which won’t give you a complete headache from use to use.

Garmin tends to do really well with this type of technology, and with their wearable GPS lines still being very popular with the public, I thought it was right about time to check out the Instinct, one of the highest-praised GPS trackers out there right now.

If the Fenix is the stylish Garmin GPS watch, then the Instinct is its wild, rugged, cousin. Build to withstand pretty much everything you can throw at it, the Garmin Instinct looks the part from the outset – but can it really do everything you demand from a modern GPS?

More About The Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch With GPS

The Instinct is available in a huge array of different styles and colors, great news for anyone who really isn’t sure about what’s going to look best on them from day to day. Looks aside, the Garmin Instinct is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to build quality. It’s reportedly built to military standards and even offers 100m of water resistance. It’s not even a diving watch.

This watch is reportedly very handy for keeping connected on the go, too, meaning it should be more than just a tracking device. Much of the information you’ll need to know about on the move is right there to see on the main display – meaning it’s likely going to do well with people who really don’t want to have to muddle around with data.

Let’s check out the specs and see how everything measures up.

Specifications and Essential Facts

  • Manufacturer: Garmin
  • Weight: 1.76oz
  • Dimensions: 1.8 inches x 0.6 inches x 1.8 inches
  • Added Features: GPS, 3-axis compass, satellite tracking, TracBack, Garmin Connect, heart monitor, 14 days’ battery life

What are the Best Features / Main Selling Points of the Garmin Instinct?

The Garmin Instinct is built to take a bit of a hammering. I’d not recommend you ever take a hammer to it outright, mind! The Instinct is ready to help you fight back against the likes of intense temperature, water immersion and also shock. That’s three waves of resistance you’re likely going to come across if you’re taking your watch-out into the wild frontiers.

The GPS functionality here is bolstered by three points of satellite technology, namely basic GPS, Galileo and GLONASS. That means you can expect your position on the Garmin Instinct to be pretty much exact from second to second.

If you’re already using other Garmin technology, you can slide the Instinct into your library and use it with Garmin Connect, another great way to keep track of your location and fitness data over time.

The TracBack technology is a great asset in this respect. You can use this feature to plot trips back to starting points with ease, making it something of a digital bread trail layer. It’s very difficult to lose your position in the world with the Garmin Instinct, and that really does roll with the rest of the catalog.

The battery life on board the Instinct allows you to use the device as a smartwatch for up to 14 days continuously, or for up to 40 hours in GPS, providing you switch on UltraTrac. Without the UltraTrac battery saver, you can manage around 16 hours maximum while on GPS, meaning it should certainly last the length of an average walk or run with ease!

Activity monitoring is concise and precise – and the presence of a heart monitor allows you to keep tabs on your health while you are out and about. Again, you can access this data at a later time and process it to your heart’s content (literally).

The on-board display is big and clear, with much of what you need to know very clearly arranged. While this is a watch with a lot of functions and features behind it, it’s refreshing to see that beginners needn’t feel too off by any kind of imposition.

What are the Benefits of Using the Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch With GPS?

Firstly, thanks to the triple tracking system, this is one of the most precise location pinpointing watches on the market right now. It provides users with real-time data on exactly where they are at any given time, meaning that if you are in a new place or simply want to see how far you’ve come, you can do it all from the display.

The display is refreshingly simple yet crammed full of data in a whirlwind blend of efficiency and style. You can see the time, your heart rate and your altitude in a matter of seconds. You really do have the compass and altimeter settings to thank for that, too.

It’s an amazingly robust GPS watch, the military grade build is clear to see, and it really looks the part. While I wouldn’t recommend you do damage to the watch outright, you are pretty safe in the presence of heat and wet – it will barely flicker.

The heart rate monitor is a necessity for all fitness trackers in the modern age, and the tech on board here is pretty swift and accurate to a fault. It’s a great all-around GPS and fitness device, truth be told.

Does the Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch With GPS Have Any Drawbacks?

The Garmin Instinct is undoubtedly brilliant at what it sets out to do. It’s resilient, it lasts for long periods, and it should give you reams of data to crunch if you’re keen on measuring your progress. However, there have been a handful of concerns raised regarding the Instinct which may push it out of the line of perfection.

Some users have had issues using the watch as far as the buttons snagging are concerned, though this seems to be a very isolated concern. What’s more, a handful of opinions online suggest that the exercise tracker and the apps that connect alongside could be more accurate or more intuitive. I can agree to some extent – but there is always going to be a bit of teething early on.

Conclusion – Should I Buy The Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch With GPS?

The Garmin Instinct is absolutely the GPS watch and exercise tracker for you if you are finding your current device to give you less than the juice you need to cover a whole run or track.

It’s also well worth buying for the sheer resilience, with the watch being impressively robust against wet, temperature and more besides. If there was ever a GPS watch or tracker that was built to deal with the elements, this is absolutely it.

Garmin’s technology is always impressive, and I genuinely feel the Instinct will appeal to a wide variety of people. It’s easy enough to pick up and start using at your leisure, though do keep an eye on your step accuracy just in case. Personally? I didn’t notice any issues, but it’s just as well to tread carefully.


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