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Giantex Propane TableTop Gas Grill

Giantex Propane TableTop Gas Grill Stainless Steel

Getting set up for grilling on the go can be a bit of a hassle – you’re going to need a portable unit that’s lightweight enough to transport, but at the same time, you’re going to need plenty of power in the tank.

It’s that balance that’s often really hard to find in modern grilling appliances. Do you choose a grill that’s bulky yet powerful, or do you opt for a system that’s light and manageable but lacking a little in the cooking prowess? Giantex, thankfully, seems to have come up with an option that works wonders.

Giantex is a great brand that I personally trust for all kinds of cooking and grilling demands – and while their propane tabletop pretty much describes what you’re looking for in its name alone, you should absolutely look deeper at the specifications and ratings left by others.

More About the Giantex Propane TableTop

This portable grill is lightweight, easy to pack away and transport, quick to start and set up, and offers you a practical way of cooking at short notice, perhaps on overnight trips, or if the weather is good, and you suddenly decide to cook outdoors at home.

It has a smart appearance which is easy to clean. Compact, versatile and easy to operate, it’s a handy companion for picnics, boating holidays, or camping trips.

Its lockable lid and adjustable legs make it one of the best grills for pure lack of hassle – it’s built in stainless steel, and it’s impressively secure.

Specifications and Essential Facts

  • Manufacturer: Giantex
  • Fuel: Propane Gas
  • Weight: 26.5lbs
  • Build: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 22 inches x 18 inches x 15 inches
  • Grill Dimensions: 20.5 inches x 13.0 inches
  • Burners: 2
  • Power: 10,000 BTU per burner
  • Added Features: Push and turn integral ignition switches, lockable lid with a full length handle

What are the Best Features / Main Selling Points of the Giantex Propane TableTop Grill?

First and foremost, your Giantex will come with everything you need to assemble it in the box. There’s no searching around for extra tools or something specific of a particular size that you just can’t find – and we all know that feeling.

The design team, at Giantex, have come up with a smart and simple unit that can be assembled swiftly and easily. Perfect for setting up on the go!

In fact, the Giantex Propane Tabletop Grill will arrive 95% assembled! All you will need to do is open the box, unwrap your grill and parts. Slotting in the grease pan and grates is nice and easy – it’s a genuine ‘plug and play’ system.

Once assembled, it is ready to use and, as we mentioned in the introduction, this portable grill is very versatile. You can place it on any solid surface of an appropriate size with ease. Ensuring the grill is level and the legs are fully locked into place should be pretty obvious, but worth mentioning all the same.

Do remember to be mindful of the material you are standing the grill on. Even though the grill stands on legs, heat can radiate from it and so, for example, plastic picnic tables or similar should be avoided!

Outdoors, it’s a good idea to check if the area is likely to be exposed to strong winds, though with this setup having an integral ignition system, you will never need to use matches to get started.

I think an internal ignition feature is fantastic when you’re looking to start cooking on the go – it can sometimes be fiddly to handle firelighters, meaning that the Giantex tabletop could well support you when you’re away from base.

This product is made of good quality stainless steel, and it has smooth simple lines which are easy to clean inside and wipe down on the exterior. Even the handle, which is smart and functional, is easy to clean with a simple wipe down.

What are the Benefits of Using the Giantex Propane TableTop Gas Grill?

This fantastic grill unit is one of the easiest to clean in its line thanks to its firm stainless steel build. The fact that the majority of the unit is built and ready to go is only ever a huge bonus.

The integrated ignition here will make sure that you spark up as soon as you’re ready. Again, this means you won’t ever have to fumble around with matches or lighters, and yet again, we’ve definitely been there!

The sturdy, flexible legs are a definite bonus, too, as you can easily stand your grill above any surface without having to bungle about too much.

It’s an amazingly light build for the sheer strength and convenience available, meaning that you shouldn’t have to worry about straining yourself or your vehicle carrying it around.

That also means it’s of massive benefit to people looking to carry picnics and grill on foot. It might be a bit hefty for one person, however, so do ask for help if you can!

This tabletop grill makes for a solid investment, though it’s worth keeping in mind that there are options likely to be cheaper. In my personal opinion, the benefits listed above more than make the price tag worth paying out for.

Does the Giantex Propane TableTop Have Any Drawbacks?

As portable grills go, this one has had great reviews and generally copes well with most cooking requirements for grill and burners, to cater for up to four people.

It has been noted by some that when the lid is closed, the grill can reach high temperatures very quickly – and will likely maintain them! This may lead to some knob melting, so keep your eyes peeled. It’s advisable to keep a careful eye on the temperature and how the heat is being dispersed at all times, regardless.

On the whole, there’s very little to say against this grill – Giantex is very much an up and coming brand, but I’m seriously impressed by both this product’s overall performance, and the praise it’s getting online.

The only other issue I could really raise about this model is that tabletop systems aren’t for everybody. It does have a certain look at build which some might feel to be a little clunky.

Should I Buy The Giantex Propane TableTop?

If you are looking for a lightweight, easily transportable tabletop grill, this Giantex model is absolutely designed with easy assembly and transportation in mind!

If customer reviews on Amazon right now, around 70 percent awarded 5 stars, noting simplicity to assemble and use being the main positive points to this particular grill.

This grill is ideal for cooking for up to 4 people. Therefore, if you are looking for something that copes well with larger groups, you may wish to take a tiered approach – though as always, take caution when handling any kind of cooking equipment in this way.

If you’re looking for something light and breezy that’s easy to set up and good to go when you are, then there may be few other options better for the cash. That said, as mentioned, it may be a little pricier than you might expect for this type of kit. It’s worth keeping an open mind!


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