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Intex Explorer K2 Kayak – 2 Person Inflatable Kayak

Intex Explorer k2 Kayak
Intex Explorer k2 Kayak

Kayaking can be a great family pursuit – and if your kids have never been on the water before, it makes sense to find a boat or vessel that you can carefully navigate with them until they get their sea legs. Thankfully, this Intex Explorer K2 kayak seems to tick all the right boxes.

This is a super two person kayak ideal for two adults or youngsters. It is recommended by the manufacturer that it is suitable for young people of over 14 years of age. So from the off, it is a great option for friends or family members to share and have fun on the water together!

Both seats are removable, so if you ever need more space, and use the kayak alone, you may decide to remove a seat. Carrying extra equipment where the second seat would normally be is not a problem! Of course – as always – you will need to be mindful of the weight you are loading onto the kayak.

You may wish to take a pet along, a food hamper, photographic equipment or fishing accessories – this really is a flexible craft! Let’s take a look at the specifications below.


  • Manufacturer: Intex
  • Construction: Heavy duty vinyl
  • Weight: 31lbs
  • Supports: Up to 400lbs
  • Inflated dimensions: 10 feet x 3 feet three inches x 1 foot 8 inches.
  • Beam: 34 inches
  • Seats: 2 (removable)
  • Paddles: 2
  • Air chambers: 3
  • Other features: Inflatable floor, high output air pump, quick inflation Boston valves, carry bag, repair patch kite, high-visibility

More about the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak

Naturally, you’re likely to want to invest in this kayak if you want to take a friend or family member out on the water with you. That’s pretty much what the vessel was built for. However, the presence of removable seats and extra storage means that if you do prefer to go it alone and just make use of the space, you absolutely can.

It’s one of the more flexibly built kayaks on the market of its kind, and there are plenty of positive points you’ll want to keep in mind while shopping around. Retailing at just less than $200 on the whole, this kayak is likely to be seen as something of a budget to mid-range choice, likely to withstand a variety of trips and adventures for the years to pass.

What are the best features of this kayak?

There are so many great features worthy of mention here, so let’s start at the top.

Visually, this is a very striking craft. It features a vibrant shade of eye-catching bright yellow, coupled with a stylish grey and some minimal accents in black. The name ‘Explorer’ is detailed on the sides. It is a sporty looking kayak that oozes a vibrant energy before you even get onboard!

The high visibility is a great safety feature too. It’s easy to spot, even as daylight fades. Also, it has the added benefit of US coast guard identification. That is a reassuring feature and sets it aside from some other models – you’re in safe hands.

The design team has focused on safety first and then handling and comfort – a reasonable approach. So far as handling goes, this is a sturdy kayak. Once inflated, the three air chambers make the craft feel well balanced and easy to maneuver. The floor is also inflated and this makes the whole craft feel well put together. The floor feels rigid and with spacious dimensions, the kayak offers occupants plenty of usable space.

The kayak is inflated by using the Boston valves and high output air pump. This takes only a few minutes and it is equally quick to deflate the vessel too. This means that it is easy to transport this sizable kayak as a folded deflated item. Weighing only just over 30 pounds, it can be lifted by one person and it’s even easier for two people to lift. Setting up is quickly achieved by using the pump, positioning the skeg and setting up the seats. Individual kayakers can adjust their seat and then off you go!

Built from quality materials, this craft is puncture resistant and easy to clean. Simply wipe it or hose down if necessary.

It is ideal for exploring rivers and lakes. Well suited to smaller stretches of water, it is agile enough to for the most adventurous of travelers, will help get up close to banks or go further out into faster flowing currents. The choice is yours, or that of your companions – every time.

Should younger kayakers want to go off to explore, the high visibility color scheme will enable you to spot them in the distance! Of course, older adventurers can lose track of time too – which is why the coast guard certification is, again, a massive plus. It’s also easy to understand why people love this kayak as soon as you experience the sheer comfort.

From 17,910 customer reviews, it has achieved 4.5 stars out of a possible 5.

That’s really not a bad showing for a kayak that is almost a decade old. Its design features have become a benchmark for others to follow over the years – and even the on-trend color scheme has a functional purpose. The Intel name is both well known and well respected in the marketplace, too.

Does the K2 have any drawbacks?

Thankfully, this model pretty much ticks all the right boxes. However, there are a few things you’ll likely need to keep in mind before you buy and set up for the first time.

If you have used an inflatable craft before, you will know how versatile they are. Transporting them in a car boot or van is easy enough, and you can normally inflate and/or deflate them on route.

At 30 pounds, this is not too heavy to lift for one person. However, upon reaching your destination, the next thing to think about will be parking. Due to the size of this kayak – parking and inflating need some forward planning.

Considering any equipment you may be carrying, plus the size of this model, meaning that two pairs of hands on deck are ideal. If alone, you may need to make more than one trip to the water and back to your vehicle. Depending on how conveniently you can park and if you have help, this may not be a problem.

If you must inflate the kayak a long way from the water’s edge, it could be awkward to carry. At 10 feet long, with paddles and accessories, one person could feasibly manage. But, realistically, it will be far easier for two people carrying it when it’s inflated.

On the return leg, the exercise will be repeated. So – a good tip is to research parking options at your destination prior to setting off, if possible. You shouldn’t have much of an issue with this kayak otherwise.

This model is neither the lightest nor heaviest on the market. In general, most customers appear to have agreed that for its size, the ratio of unloaded weight and overall weight capacity is very good. If you are looking for a lighter inflatable, you may need to compromise on space or even consider a single seat kayak.

Removing one of the seats will reduce a little weight with this model. It will also give you even more space in an already spacious cockpit. If, howeve,r it’s unlikely you need so much space and a second seat, you may wish to consider another craft.

Finally, keep in mind that this kayak might not be the best for younger kids. If you are considering allowing a child under 14 years of age to kayak, this is not for them. Manufacturers give the guidance note for practical and safety reasons – this is a great craft for improving skills for adults, but it may be better to buy a different one to teach a younger child the ropes.

Should I buy Intex Explorer K2 kayak?

This kayak has a solid pedigree with some great customer reviews. It handles well and gives confidence to kayakers with less experience. Having two seats means that for teaching someone to kayak, it’s a good option.

Instead of shouting instructions from the bank, or a second kayak, you can be in the same vessel. If they make an error, you can physically help them take recovery action. For fun or training on the water, it is comfortable and responsive. All you need to do is choose when and where to go!

Inflatable kayaks are becoming more popular mainly thanks to the freedom and ease of use you get from trip to trip. Intex is a more than solid brand with a reputation for producing some brilliant equipment for use on open waters.

Rigid, sturdy, stable, spacious and comfortable, this is an investment you are unlikely to regret. Thousands of satisfied customers agree!



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