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Rylo Vs Gopro: Which Action Camera Should I Buy?

rylo vs gopro

The Best Action Cameras for Explorers and Adrenaline Junkies

Rylo vs GoPro

rylo vs gopro

In this modern era of advanced handheld technology, no moment of heart-pumping, awe-inspiring adventure ever goes amiss. However, the footage taken during these daredevil forays into the extreme often fall short of our expectations.

There is a sense of real disappointment when you get home from a day of off piste skiing or skydiving to discover that the footage you took is shaky and unusable. As time has gone on and technology has subsequently advanced, we have seen camera designs become increasingly innovative to counter these issues. We are now at a time where stabilization is no longer a worry for the adventurous photographer.

Whether its extreme sports or adventure into regions unknown that float your boat, there are a number of cameras that have been specifically designed to suit your needs. With sturdy frames, impact-resistant lenses and everything from 360-degree angles to horizon leveling technology, today’s action cameras are perfectly designed to endure anything that may come your way.

With a personal desire to try my hand at the extreme and capture it as I went, I decided to research what separates the very best action cameras from their competitors. With each model deserving praise on its own merits, there is no single camera to suit the needs of each and every user. Dependent on the desired purpose for your camera, one model may trump another. That said, there are some that really stand out from the rest.

Here are my reviews of the two models that truly caught my eye.

What and How to Choose the Best Action Camera for You?

When it comes to choosing the right camera for you, the factors that should influence your decision are almost countless. It is no different when it comes to action cameras. Whilst the technical differences between models can be extremely nuanced and scientific, there are a number of basic factors which should always be considered.

Here are some of the more important elements to take into consideration when looking to buy an action camera of your own:

  • Technological features. This is where the vital differences between models become more apparent. With everything from auto-stabilization to time warp motion capture to live streaming capabilities. Here is where your needs are tailored to.
  • Camera resolution. The camera’s resolution refers to the horizontal resolution of an image in pixels. For example, a 5k camera has the ability to capture images that measure around 5000 pixels across. Essentially, the resolution of a camera refers to the quality of the images and video that it can take.
  • Durability. It goes without saying that a camera that you wish to take climbing up a mountain or jumping off a building needs to be able to endure a hell of a lot. Of course, given the nature of these gadgets they are built to withstand great amounts of pressure and the hardest of knocks. However, the extremity of the task ahead of you should be taken into consideration, as some are hardier than others.
  • Extra features. Brands do whatever they can to establish a difference between their product and the competition. These features that fall outside the scope of the camera’s technical capabilities are still a major part of what makes them great, whether it be functionally or aesthetically. These vary from the colors available to extras such as the camera’s mount.

Best Action Cameras for Adventurous Individuals

Perfect for everything from skate boarding and surfing to scaling mountains and wading into the deep blue of the ocean, these cameras are designed to endure the planet’s most severe environments and capture the actions of its most radical individuals. Demanding the ability to capture images and video whilst withstanding harsh conditions, the market for action cameras has recently exploded into action. With these requirements in mind I researched the best cameras available to suit the needs of those using them in the most extreme situations.

Here are the two models of action camera that truly stood out amongst the rest. Between them, their stylish designs to the eye-catching features combines with a technological superiority that belies their fantastic price points. These made them stand out from the rest to be considered the very best on the market.

When it comes to action cameras Rylo and GoPro are two of the biggest names in the game. A fact that is reflected in my final choice of cameras for this article.

Here are my two favorite action camera models available to buy:

Rylo vs GoPro: Which One Should I Buy?

Rylo 360 Video Camera (iPhone Version)

Rylo is a brand that prides itself on giving its customers the ability to create professional standard footage from the comfort of their home. Innovators in home HD video capture, the brand is constantly up to date with the most recent advancements in video technology. Rylo is the perfect companion for the most adventurous among us.

This portable camera from Rylo has the ability to capture immense 5.8K imagery of everything surrounding the user. The 360-degree feature creates HD videos of everything in the vicinity of the cameraman, meaning that there is no need to focus entirely on the shots that you’re taking whilst enjoying yourself, instead editing the footage when you get home.

The Rylo 360 Video Camera is able to take 360-degree footage thanks to the twin lenses on the front and the back of the camera. This has the additional bonus of being able to video your reaction as you take in what’s in front of you. Stabilization and horizon leveling technology mean that smooth videos of your experience are guaranteed, giving your content a professional look.

The camera comes with sync cables for your devices, rechargeable batteries and an SD card to help you shoot great footage from the moment that it arrives. Time-lapse abilities also allow the user to take videos over a long time period, later transforming them into professional standard time-lapse experiences. Whether you want to get incredible footage of you hurtling down snow-clad slopes or simply wish for fantastic videos of the surrounding stars in a deep night sky, this camera is perfect.

Key specs of the product:

  • Product Dimensions: 2.85 x 1.68 x 1.45 inches
  • Product Weight: 3.84 ounces

Pros and Cons:

✅ Pros:

  • Capable of capturing footage in a 360-degree format for later editing.
  • Easy to connect to your phone or device for quick access to your footage.
  • Excellent time-lapse feature for dramatic time-warped videos.

➖ Cons:

  • Incapable of live streaming your videos as they are being shot.

This camera is ideal for those looking to capture dramatic, even cinematic, footage of their experiences. The point control editing option allows you to change the angle of the camera when adjusting your crisp 5.8k footage. This gives your videos a smooth and professional feel and makes it almost impossible to miss the greatest moments of your experience.

GoPro HERO8 in Black

A company that has recently become a household name, GoPro is a true front-runner when it comes to top quality action cameras. Purveyors in helping people live in the moment, GoPro cameras are equipped with the greatest attributes to help capture images and video in the most extreme situations. From the deepest frozen lakes to the planet’s tallest skyscrapers, GoPro cameras are sure to have seen more of the world than any other camera brand.

The GoPro HERO8 is the most recent addition to the family. Built with versatility in mind, this camera is as functional as it is stylish. Three levels of stabilizing makes for extremely personalized video footage of your most radical experiences. Your footage can be adjusted using the company app, with in-app horizon leveling giving a truly professional feel to your videos.

The camera is built for both taking imagery and video footage. With its 12-megapixel image potential, images possess a startling clarity that make them really stand out even in areas with low levels of lighting. As well as this the HERO8 has the ability to utilize its LiveBurst feature in order to capture both 1.5 seconds before and after the image is taken to ensure premium results.

Perhaps the standout feature of this camera is its ability to live stream video footage as it is being taken. Using this, your friends on social media can feel as through they are part of your adventure as it unfolds. This feature even includes a stabilization feature for crisp, clear footage streaming the very moment that it is captured.

Key specs of the product:

  • Product Dimensions: 1.14 x 1.89 x 2.6 inches
  • Product Weight: 4.4 ounces

Pros and Cons:

✅ Pros:

  • The ability to live stream your videos as they are being shot.
  • Timewarp feature makes for stylish, professional-standard time lapse videos.
  • A number of different expandable mods can be added for greater effect.

➖ Cons:

  • Can not take 360 degree video imagery despite its wide lense.

The GoPro HERO8 is a great option for those looking to buy an action camera that can take both top quality images and premium video footage. Used by both amateurs and professionals, this camera is sturdy, easy to use and waterproof, making it perfect for even the most adverse filming conditions. The post-capture features allow for minor tweaks to make your pictures and videos just as you would like them to be.


Can these cameras be connected to motorcycle helmets?

Yes. Both the Rylo 360 Video Camera and the GoPro HERO8 can be attached to the helmet of a motorcyclist. However, an additional accessory will have to be purchased to make sure that the camera stays safely in place. If you buy a helmet adhesive mount that accepts the correct connector it’ll work with both of these models.

Can these cameras be used underwater?

With the Adventure Case equipped, the Rylo 360 Video Camera can be used to a depth of up to 10 feet underwater, whilst the GoPro HERO8 is considered waterproof as deep as 33 feet underwater.

Can the horizon-leveling feature be switched off?

Yes. Both of these models are extremely easy to personalize dependent on your particular wants and needs. Being able to turn off the horizon-leveling ability is just one of the features that is easily adjustable.

What do these cameras arrive with?

Both models arrive with batteries, chargers for said batteries, an SD card and a basic case to keep your camera safer. Extra accessories can be purchased at the Rylo and GoPro websites respectively.

Is live streaming available with the Rylo 360 Video Camera as well as the GoPro HERO8?

Unfortunately only the latter has live streaming technology. However, Rylo are a brand that is constantly looking forward in an attempt to create the best cameras available on the market, so are undoubtedly seeking developments in such fields. Keep an eye out for such updates on their website.


As previously mentioned, the nature of your purpose for the camera will affect which is best suited to you. In the most simplistic terms, if you are looking to simply take video footage with excellent post-production features then Rylo may be the better option, however if you want to take images as well as video it may be better to consider a GoPro. However, the features are far more nuanced than this basic comparison.

Differences in image quality, technical capabilities and special features make each more suited to the particular needs of each user, which is in part why these two topped the leader-board for me. Realizing the subtle tweaks in each camera’s capabilities, design and functionality lets you truly appreciate quite how special these two products are. 


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