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5 Best Tents With Air Conditioning Holes

Tents Review: 5 of The Best Tents With Air Conditioning Port Holes

tents with air conditioning hole

In this article we will review some of the best tents with air conditioning holes. I’ve always had an interesting relationship with camping, I adored the idea as a child but every time I went I would feel uncomfortable, usually due to the temperature. After an unbearable camping trip recently I spent some time looking for the best tents with air conditioning ports that really swept me off my feet.

How to Choose the Best Tents with AC Port Holes.

When shopping for a good, high-quality tent you have to look out for several features that will improve the quality of your camping experience. The most important in my mind is a significant amount of space for a big family or group of friends but there are other factors such as the use of quality materials and whether it will blow away in a light breeze.

We also have to keep in mind how easy it is to transport when camping and how easy it is to set it up after a long day driving then searching for the best camping spot. Finally, we have to look out for extra features such as Advanced Venting, Electric Cord Access Point, Product Warranty and more. All this will ease your decision to buying the perfect tent for a good day camping.

5 Best Tents with AC Ports For a big family

In this article I will be looking at the top 5 tents with AC Portholes, with a mention of their pros and cons to help you make the most informed decision. Hopefully, by the end of this, you will have your dream tent to make your next camping trip a breeze.

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent with AC port Hole


  • Tent Fabric: Durable 68D Polyester (600mm hydrostatic rating)
  • Floor Material: Durable 125gsm P.E.
  • Pack Size: 48in X 11.5in X 11.5in
  • Pack Weight: 30.5 lbs
  • Tent Stakes: (20) Steel 7in stakes
  • Tent Poles: Telescopic Steel

This tent, from the respected CORE camping brand, is made out of high-quality materials and waterproof so you will never have any leaking issues. It comes with sturdy steel poles for greater stability so the CORE 9 tent won’t be collapsing on you anytime soon. What can’t be seen from these specs is the extremely efficient AC port as well as an electrical cord port which can be a lifesaver if you like to stay connected at all times.

This tent has a very open and roomy feel to it, due in part to the T-Door design which can be opened completely making it seem like an extension of the landscape. It’s lightweight and can be set up in less than 60 seconds due to the poles already being attached.

It also means we don’t need to fiddle getting those poles to bend into seemingly impossible positions. However, we have to recognise some issues such as the fact that even though this tent can hold up to 9 people, it would be a squeeze and a group of 5 or 6 would find it much more comfortable.

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent With AC hole
  • Product Dimensions: 27.5 x 12 x 11.6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 31.4 pounds

It may be obvious from the name but this tent is fantastic if you need that extra bit of space, it’s like carrying around a pop-up studio apartment. It has plenty of windows and manages to feel even more spacious which is an important factor when purchasing since we never want to feel like we are being suffocated.

One of my favourite features is the incredibly easy to clean design allowing you to just open the main door and windows to tip out any mud or dirt that manages to get it which means it’ll be spotless when you go to pack it back away. The last thing we want to do early in the morning is clean up all the dirt we’ve created overnight..

This tent also feels very sturdy and will be able to survive some tough times without any leaks or rips, allowing you to take this anywhere from the beach side to the mountain side. However, there is the small gripe that the room divider clips seem a little flimsy and without a little care could break but this shouldn’t be an issue if you are being somewhat attentive.

CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent With AC port

Very similar to the previous CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

• Tent Fabric: Durable 68D Polyester (600mm hydrostatic rating)
• Floor Material: Durable 115gsm P.E.
• Pack Size: 27in X 10in X 10in
• Pack Weight: 18.25 lbs
• Tent Stakes: (21) Steel 7in stakes
• Tent Poles: Fiberglass (9.5mm, 8.5mm, and 6.9mm)

Just like CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent, we know that it is created with the same high-quality fabric and with the use of fibreglass the tent poles are even lighter without sacrificing the strength. Again there is a very useful electrical cord port as well as an AC port.

The thing that has become standard across the Core range is the ease of use and as expected this does not disappoint, it’s so simple you could do it blindfolded. However, an improvement in the design makes it feel significantly larger and more spacious even though the sizes are very similar. Due to this better use of space you can even fit more beds into the tent itself and would definitely feel less cramped even with the 9 person limit.

tent with air conditioning hole

An added bonus is that this tent is well suited for environments with large bug and mosquito problems as all the zips are secure and lock tight. The only downside I see with this tent is that it’s easy enough to take it down but the bag could be a little bigger, you need to put in some elbow grease when packing it away.

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent

Moving on we see the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent

one of the best Tents with air conditioning hole

• Tent Fabric: Polyester taffeta 75D
• Floor Material: Durable Polyguard fabric
• Pack Size: 41 x 10 x 10 in
• Pack Weight: 32 lb lbs
• Tent Stakes: Steel stakes
• Tent Poles: Fiberglass and Steel

To get right to the point of why this tent is so good, it’s BIG. It feels like a mansion, there’s plenty of floor space but along with this, it’s also very tall which makes it an incredibly comfortable tent to stay in for prolonged periods of time. It also has large windows which are also great for allowing natural light to flood in making it feel a little more homely.

It is pointed out by many users that the “weather master” in the name is very apt as it’s extremely efficient at keeping you protected from the elements and making sure you stay dry during the night. Something this tent holds over the others is that it has a light, which may seem insignificant but can come in very handy for night time readers.

Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent

Another benefit is the hinged door which allows you to easily keep your tent open and almost makes it seem like a mini porch, I cannot tell you how much I hate to constantly zip and unzip tents doors so this is an amazing feature. One slight drawback is that the poles used for this tent are incredibly specific and if you damage them you’ll need to buy a replacement directly from the supplier.

CORE 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with AC hole
  • Floor Footprint: 17′ x 12′
  • Center Height: 86″
  • 24 stakes
  • Tent Fabric: 68D Polyester
  • Floor Material: 15gsm P.E.

What makes the 11 person CORE tent Great?

The reason I love this tent so much is because it has all the positives of the others and then some. Firstly, it has the highest capacity with enough room to sleep a whole army, this tent is also just as tall as the others which means you can comfortably stand up inside.

As mentioned with the other Core tents there is also an electrical port which I always find really useful when out in a big group. The real star of the show is the screen room, this “room” has screen windows on three sides which makes you feel even more connected to nature than you could imagine. It is the quintessential wilderness experience with the protection which comes from staying in a tent.

tent with ac port hole and screen room

If you thought this could not get better it also has advanced water-resistant technology so you won’t even know it rained when you wake up in the morning. I can barely think of any issues with this tent, however, if you require privacy then the screen room might not be for you but you can always just sleep in the main part which is completely private.


Question: Can one person set up this tent easily?

Answer: Yes, all the tents on the list can be set up by one person but it will take a varying amount of time depending on the tent.

Question: Should I put a tarp under my tent?

Answer: While it is not required for any of these tents it is still recommended since it can help protect the ground sheet from rips and tears.

Question: I am six foot can I stand up in these tents?

Answer: While this is a very common issue, with the tents I have mentioned you will have no issue fitting inside the tents and will only need to bend over to get through the doorways.

Question: How can we prevent our tent from getting so warm?

Answer: This can be a very serious issue for many camping fanatics, this is why the tents on the list all have A/C ports as I could not think of a worse feeling than waking up sweaty. A/C ports will help create better circulation, having a large door will also help this. Otherwise, you can also put a portable A/C into the tent if there is an electrical cord port as well.


To sum up this list, we can say that all these tents are fantastic as a whole but they all serve a different niche, be that an abundance of space or the ease of cleaning. Overall, I would have to say that the Core 11 Person Family Cabin Tent with Screen Room is the best tent for my needs but it all depends on what you are looking for. It is important to know what you want from a tent and hopefully, there will be a tent to suit your needs above. Happy camping!


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