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Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer Review

Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer

Looking for a simple diving watch that’s stylish, informative, but won’t take more than a few minutes to learn how to use? This Cressi model is likely to tick quite a few boxes.

It’s a great-looking beast, nice and simple at first glance, and the positive reviews it’s been picking up really did light up my interest.

As such, I thought I’d give it a closer look. It seems to be a go-to for anyone who wants to measure their air and nitro while deep under the waves – but it also seems to be a good beginner platform, too.

Could this be the diving watch you’re looking for if you are completely new to scuba diving?

About Cressi Leonardo Diving Computer

This is a great watch for inexperienced scuba divers to begin with as well as experienced divers who like clarity and simplicity. It has easy to read data on a high definition screen and a very audible alarm! It is also lightweight enough to be extremely comfortable on the move.

It’s a multi-device watch, too, meaning you can easily hook it up to a Mac as well as a PC. It’s very much a plug-and-play device, which many divers will likely find pretty refreshing – I know I do!

Let’s take a look at the specifications below – these may help you decide if this is the watch you are looking for!

Specifications and Essential Facts

  • Manufacturer: Cressi
  • Weight: 0.4g
  • Water Resistance: 40m
  • Watch Style: Digital
  • Colour: Black with teal screen
  • Power: Battery
  • Added Features: One-button command, backlit screen, visual alarms, traditional alarms, deep stop, battery indicator, FO2 / PO2 adjustability, multi-connectivity

What are the Best Features of Cressi Leonardo?

The design team have combined great easy to access features within a streamlined, smart looking watch. There are no protruding buttons – just a single, large button centrally positioned at the bottom of the watch face. This means operating the watch is simple, with no fumbling around in dim light, or extra bright sunshine, to find a particular function!

The audible and visual alarms give the user an added sense of security. Both beginners and experienced users can concentrate on their pursuit, secure in the knowledge, this watch will send an alert at the appropriate time.

After each dive, this watch can be fully reset and there it is possible to allow another diver to use it. That’s a handy option for training in a group or diving with friends.

You can easily connect this watch up to your PC or Mac, which means you can transfer the data across without having to fumble around with the watch interface too much on its own.

The deep stop functionality is going to be a big plus for seasoned divers, though there are naturally plenty of plus points for this watch for beginners, too.

There’s even an oxygen toxicity meter on board here, which means that you can always be sure that you have enough to see you through deeper plunges.

What are the Benefits of Using the Cressi Leonardo?

The clearest benefit to me is that this is one of the easiest watches to get started with. It’s designed to be used on the go in just one touch – hence the name – and if you do want to crunch any of the data afterwards, it’s massively easy to just plug into your PC, Mac or laptop.

There’s a lot of adjustability here, too – impressively so, actually, given the sheer simplicity of the device and its affordable price tag. I love the fact that you can set conservatism on one of three levels – it’s a nice surprise given that some may feel this device gives off an air of being cheap and nasty. Happily, I can confirm that it’s really not.

Not all divers will be so keen on having a battery to rely on as opposed to solar power, but the fact that there is an indicator at all here is a massive plus. Again, it’s easy enough to see and read on the go, once again adding to the sheer user friendly nature of the build.

I’d therefore say it’s a great training watch for divers. It has just enough features to satisfy basic needs and will allow you to dive down fairly deep – though if you are looking for greater functionality and a fancier package, you’ll obviously want to go elsewhere.

I’ve not even mentioned the look! It’s a surprisingly rugged build on the whole – it combines simple modern touches with that classic diving aesthetic so many people are looking for.

Does the Cressi Leonardo Diving Computer Have Any Drawbacks?

The style of any given watch is what everyone looks at first, and then the functions. If this watch has the right amount of visual appeal for you, then it certainly has what most beginners and some more experienced divers need in terms of data recording and computer link up options. On the contrary, if customers don’t want anything more than a simple interface, it likely won’t be their first choice.

The watch is not solar powered, which puts it at odds with some of the competition. The battery life is not the longest on the market either, at only 12 months! It is worth noting, however, that this watch compares favorably in terms of weight – so there are definite tradeoffs along the way.

Some divers who have had experience with multi button watches may find the single button operation tricky to handle at first. The notion that one button ‘can do it all’ may seem strange at first but once mastered, the convenience of not having to think about which button does what is a massive bonus! Even so, it may take you a little time to get used to the unique operation.

It’s not the most feature-rich of diving watches, meaning that if you are in the market for an all-singing, all-dancing timepiece, there may be better choices out there.

Conclusion – Should I Buy The Cressi Leonardo?

This is a super lightweight watch that, despite its simplicity, is an absolute joy to use. It’s a breath of fresh air for those of us who have struggled with multi-function, multi-button devices in the past – it’s just nice to have everything available at the simple tap of a single button. The screen and all its available data are really easy to view and make use of, too.

That said, it is a fairly unique take on the diving watch – meaning that it may not appeal to everyone. It’s something of a standalone – very reasonably priced, though still seen as a bit of a risky move for anyone who’s used to buttons flying out every which way.

However, I think this is an impressive watch that beginners will likely find pretty workable. It might not be the most capable on the market today, but for this design and price tag, it is very hard to say no to.


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