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DYNASTAR Speed Zone 4X4 78 Pro Skis with NX 12 Konect Bindings

DYNASTAR Speed Zone 4X4 78

DYNASTAR Speed Zone 4X4 78 Review

When you first start getting into skiing, it’s probably tempting to think that all skis are likely to do the same job. This is true to some extent, but when you really start getting into downhill or alpine skiing, you’ll soon realize that there are plenty of little factors which change your whole experience.

As an avid skier, I found this out in much the same way as everyone else – the hard way! That is, finding the perfect skis for my needs was a case of trial and error. This is to be expected when you’re first starting out. However, once you’re a little more confident on the slopes, it makes sense to look for a reliable set of skis from a top brand. That’s why I can seriously recommend the brilliant DYNASTAR Speed Zone 4X4 78 Pro Skis with NX 12 Konect Bindings.

DYNASTAR is a great brand with plenty of solid skiing products behind them, meaning that I was really excited to try these out for myself. To save yourself some time, money, and hassle, I’ve set up a buying guide for you below to break down everything you can expect from these skis before you take to the snow.

Are you tired of looking through the same old skis and accessories? Want to try your hand at skiing with a system that gives you a keen balance between security and freedom? These skis could well give you that midrange choice that you’re looking for. Keep reading for the lowdown, and make sure to shop around, too!

DYNASTAR Speed Zone 4X4 78 Pro Skis

Product Summary

The DYNASTAR Speed Zone 4X4 78 Pro Skis with NX 12 Konect Bindings is one of the latest releases from this leading manufacturer. It’s a 2020 model, which means it should benefit from the latest in skiing technology. Generally, these skis are aimed at a beginner market, though I feel they are likely better suited to intermediate skiers heading towards expert level.

Essentially, these skis give you the chance to take to a variety of slopes and snowy terrains. They are great for all-around use, meaning that there’s no longer any need for you to leap from one pair of skis to the next if you’re skiing down particular gradients, for example.

The ‘pro’ version of these skis benefit from additional reinforcement that is lacking in the ‘standard’ variant. This means that, with an extra bit of titanium in the build, you’re looking at a little more durability, and considerably more safety on the slopes.

These are lightweight skis, at least in the feel and general performance, however, you’ll be able to carve into the snow easily enough without feeling like you’re losing all control.

These are men’s skis and having been on the market for around a year now, they have quickly picked up a firm following in the winter sports community. They are designed to offer you fantastic precision without the need for you to lose out on any freedom and fun. That’s a rare balance to strike in this day and age!

It’s a playful ski system, meaning that if you are an intermediate skier looking for a little more control on the slopes, this may well be a firm choice for you. The system is built to help you progress steadily while skiing, meaning that there’s no need to have to reinvest in pro skis once you’ve outgrown your training wheels!

Buyers Guide

So – let’s consider what it is about the DYNASTAR Speed Zone 78 4X4 Pro Skis with NX 12 Konect Bindings that’s worth comparing and shopping around for.


This is, of course, a big point of contention for anyone buying skis, experts, and newbies alike. However, seasoned skiers will likely need to make a point of buying skis which carve well without the risk of you getting too encumbered.

Freedom of movement is absolutely essential as you progress as a skier, and these Speed Zone skis understand this. You’re going to need to look for skis which will turn with you, but which will be gentle in their approach. There’s a nice balance here, which means anyone intermediate heading towards expert level should find that there is plenty of support.

Reinforcement and Core

A key element to ski builds is, of course, the core. It’s this which can really help to change up your experience on the snow, regardless of your experience level. Some prefer natural cores in wood, while others go for composite in fiberglass.

The DYNASTAR Speed Zone 4X4 78 Pro Skis with NX 12 Konect Bindings opt for the best of both worlds. This means that its core consists of both wood and composite, giving you a rare balance. Plenty of skiers prefer composite cores for the fact that it can help to create a smoother cut. However, to help keep you grounded, the 78s blend the best of both materials – so there’s no reason for you to have to pick between them.

DIN Binding

Naturally, you’re going to need to find a pair of skis that fit your profile, in terms of your boot size, build, and even your style of skiing. When you shop around for the best fit, you need to consider what’s known as the DIN binding of a ski. It’s easy enough to find a calculator or two online which will help you to find your best fit.

One of the best things about the DYNASTAR Speed Zone 4X4 78 Pro Skis with NX 12 Konect Bindings is the fact that they have such a wide DIN range. They are suitable for any skiers within the ranges 3 to 11. This means that they are likely to fit most skiers fairly comfortably.

Of course, if you’re really not sure about the best fit for you, nor which DIN binding is likely to worth best for you, it may be a good idea to ask for help from a seasoned skier, or an instructor. Getting your binding right is essential for your comfort and safety.

Handily, these skis give you a wide enough scope that’s comfortable and accessible.

Profile and Shape

DYNASTAR Speed Zone 4X4 78 Pro Skis with NX 12 Konect Bindings

Beginner skiers may not give too much thought to the shape and profile of their skis, however, this is again a very important factor to consider depending on where you wish to ski, as well as on your skiing experience.

These skis offer flared tips, which should help to create a balanced, smooth carving experience. Of course, if you have a clear idea of what you’re looking for in the best ski shapes and styles, then you may well to prefer to look for something a little straighter. In my opinion, this style of tail and build should support beginners all the way through to expert skiers.

Skier Aptitude and Experience

Believe it or not, there are plenty of skis and models out there which are built to appeal to people depending on their skill levels and experience. As such, there are some skis out there which offer a little more control and security than most for beginners and new skiers who may not have that much confidence on the snow.

These skis are particularly appealing as they seem to offer a good balance between precision and freedom. Anyone who has been skiing for years will likely want to be able to go their own way to an extent. However, for the sake of safety and precision, a little bit of give and guidance from your skis is always likely to be welcome.

That’s why there seems to be a consensus over these skis in question being particularly useful for a wide variety of skiers at different stages of growth. In my own opinion, I think they are safe investments for anyone who intends to grow into skiing in the short term, meaning that they are likely to save hassle and money for most people on the whole.

The Skis in Detail

Let’s consider some of the essential facts and figures for DYNASTAR Speed Zone 4X4 78 Pro Skis with NX 12 Konect Bindings.

  • These are skis built for all mountain use. This means you can safely use them across all snow and slopes without difficulty.
  • They are built to fit binding DIN between 3 and 11. This makes them a fairly wide fit for most skiers.
  • They offer a flared tail profile, meaning that they should provide some balance on the slopes.
  • They are built with advanced / intermediate skiers in mind, however, many feel that they are great for beginners. This is because they are easy enough to get started with, and that they will support you as you continue to explore wider mountains and slopes.
  • The tip measures around 12.7cm, with a waist of 7.8cm, and a tail of 10.7cm.
  • The skis arrived on the scene for purchase between 2019 and 2020, making them some of the latest skis to be offered by DYNASTAR at this time.


As mentioned, it’s always a good idea to look closely at technologies used in the skis you buy so that you can adequately prepare for the experience.

The DYNASTAR Speed Zone 4X4 78 Pro Skis with NX 12 Konect Bindings benefit from composite reinforcement. Fiberglass, as many people – and skiing enthusiasts – will agree, is one of the sturdiest and most supportive materials around. This translates into a skiing system which is not only robust and ideal for even the most torrid of environments, but which is also likely to provide you with plenty of balance.

This ski system also arrives with NX 12 Konect Bindings as well as a hybrid core. Ultimately, if you are new to the world of skiing, these buzzwords and terms merely mean that you can expect a well-built, thoroughly tested system that is likely to appeal to slope enthusiasts across the board.

DYNASTAR’s own marketing for the skis states that they are designed and built with simple agility in mind, while at the same time offering responsive carving. Crucially, as the brand states, the aim is to create ‘maximum fun’. It’s safe to say that skiing can be a lot of fun – though it’s not always a given you’ll find a ski system that gives you this much back in terms of fluidity and fun.

✅ Pros:

  • These skis really are built for a wide range of skiers. It’s a system designed for intermediate to expert use but is easy enough for beginner skiers to adapt to.
  • They are well-priced, particularly given the fantastic composite core and stability.
  • They are gentle enough for experts and experienced skiers to exert a certain amount of freedom on the slope. However, there is enough give to help give newbies that little bit of extra support.
  • DIN is hugely accessible – these are skis which will likely fit most profiles, regardless of your experience or expertise.
  • It’s a very predictable skiing system. This will work well for beginners and experts alike – as experts can tailor the experience their way.

➖ Cons:

  • Some feel that these skis are perhaps not up to the same performance scratch as others available from similar lines.
  • They may not be the most ‘serious’ pair of skis for the consummate professional!


The DYNASTAR Speed Zone 4X4 78 Pro Skis with NX 12 Konect Bindings appeal to me as an experienced skier thanks to their incredible balance. I, along with so many other skiers, have experienced problems over the years in trying to find the right fit. That’s not only in terms of DIN, but also in terms of freedom while skiing, and carving potential.

Ultimately, I think these DYNASTAR skis are great all-rounders. There’s a definite focus on fun here, and as that’s something everyone is really looking for in their skiing experiences, I feel these skis more than fulfill the brief.

Make sure to take a closer look at these skis now – they’re some of the latest DYNASTAR creations to hit the market, meaning you’re instantly benefitting from the best.



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