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Titan Great Outdoors Park-Style Charcoal Grill


Remember the good-old cookouts from times gone by? The world seems to have gone pretty portable these days, but there is still a huge market for grills that fix directly into the ground – this Titan Great Outdoors grill is a quintessential grilling behemoth, offering firm steel manufacture and enough space and access for you to cook up a storm for your friends and family.

It’s called a park-style grill for a reason. It looks somewhat like the BBQ points you’ll see in some public and family spaces while out and about. Therefore, it could really add a new aesthetic to your yard that you never really knew you needed.

Looks aren’t everything, of course, which is why I’m going to dig down a bit deeper into why this Titan grill might just be the best pick for you and your family in summers to come.

More About The Titan Great Outdoors Park-Style Charcoal Grill

Designed to be simple to use and flexible to all kinds of cooking needs, you can adjust the height as you demand, and can take advantage of a pretty hefty steel plate to grill all your meats and veggies on with ease.

This fully-rotational grill boasts an open design, great for just installing into the ground and using as your main cooking point during family get-togethers. Impressive safety measured built into the design make this one of the most appealing family grill units for its price right now.

I’ll be digging deeper into why I think this grill is such a fantastic buy in a short while. For now, however, let’s break down some of the essential facts and statistics to see exactly what we’re dealing with.

Specifications and Essential Facts

  • Manufacturer: Titan Great Outdoors
  • Fuel: Charcoal
  • Weight: 58lbs
  • Build: Heavy Duty (nine-gauge steel)
  • Grill Dimensions: 16.5 inches x 16.5 inches x 11 inches
  • Post Height: 39 inches max (50 inches overall height incl. grill box)
  • Grill Area: 256 square inches approx.
  • Added Features: Adjustable grate, spring handles, 360 degree rotation, park style design, height adjustability, steel plate

What are the Best Features / Main Selling Points of the Titan Great Outdoors Park-Style Charcoal Grill?

First, I have to mention the sheer adjustability in the flexible design. This is a grill unit that you can effectively swivel and move around 360 degrees, which means you can grill with smoke wafting away from you. I’ve certainly been in the position where grilling outdoors means getting a face full of smoke – and frankly, this grill helps to make that hassle a thing of the past.

The adjustable grate happens to be one of the key features of this cookout grill – it effectively means that you can grill and barbecue at four different height levels. That means there’s no discrimination when it comes to the chef’s stature! It also means less straining for you, too.

The grill area itself is nice and large, meaning you should find it comfortable to cook for a small family or friend group. Of course, everyone’s needs will vary, so take this with a pinch of salt.

The manufacture is very sturdy, which means that it’s going to withstand a lot. I like the fact that it is so robust even on sight alone. You’re unlikely to leave your grill out in the rain, but ultimately, it’s good to know that your BBQ unit can stand up for itself.

What are the Benefits of Using the Titan Great Outdoors Park-Style Charcoal Grill?

The height adjustability, as mentioned, is a brilliant plus point. I love the fact that you can move this grill up and down depending on your own stature and height, and the fact that you can move your grill to face the other way is an absolute genius move.

Safety is a key aspect in much of the design here. The handles are made from coiled spring and will protect your hands against searing heat. Therefore, there’s no further need for you to scald yourself while trying to grill up meat and veg on the go.

The look of the grill itself is also really natty. It’s based on the park-style BBQs of old, meaning that it is simple and open, offering everyone a chance to see and smell what’s cooking. BBQs and cookouts should be social affairs, so I’m all for this particular aspect.

It’s also well-designed for smaller groups, with a relatively small footprint for most backyards. What’s more, finding a charcoal grill with this level of flexibility is often pretty tricky.

Does the Titan Great Outdoors Park-Style Charcoal Grill Have Any Drawbacks?

Generally, this grill is a good all-rounder. It does what it says on the box, and it shouldn’t give you too much stress or hassle when it comes to actively cooking. However, there are a couple of concerns raised by some users which I feel I do best to address.

As you can imagine, this style of grill is not the easiest to clean, and regrettably, the Titan Great Outdoors park-style charcoal model isn’t going to wipe it down on its own. Propane grill users will probably tell you it’s yet another reason to invest in gas rather than cinder blocks.

However, if you’re already used to charcoal grilling and barbecuing, I hardly see this as much of a worry.

Beyond this, some claim that setting up and stabilizing the unit is a bit hit-and-miss. I didn’t experience any concerns that alarmed me during my setup and use, however, it’s worth noting that you need to be careful with the fixtures and fixings. Some users complain of wobbling or shakiness in the build – your own experience may vary.

In any case, it’s always a good idea to reach out to the Titan Great Outdoors team if you have any aftercare demands. I’ve always found their staff to be very helpful when it comes to guidance and troubleshooting – I highly recommend this brand, honestly.

Conclusion – Should I Buy The Titan Great Outdoors Park-Style Charcoal Grill?

This is a very particular type of grill – if you love cooking on charcoal but are looking for a bit of elevation, then this model is likely to appeal to you. For sheer innovation in flexibility and access, I can hardly mark it down.

It’s not always the easiest grill to clean or put together, but once it’s spiked in the ground and ready to go, you can pretty much get started. There are very few demands beyond this, meaning that if you are not yet a propane convert and believe in the power of charcoal, there are far riskier options out there.

I recommend you take a closer look at Titan Great Outdoors for other bits and pieces along the way – see if you can find a unit or two that really appeals to your own family cookout demands. If you’re sick and tired of disposable barbecues, then this might just offer you some much-needed relief.


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